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During my long time as programmer, I wrote many small tools and programs that support my work, for testing purposes or just for fun. These were never released, but filled my drives. Now I took the time and created this blog to share all these things here along with a few tutorials and hope it is useful for someone.

The latest 5 posts

OpenGL Color Aimbot
This color aimbot works with every game which uses OpenGL. The big advantage is that windowed game mode is not necessary. You can play the game in full screen mode. Read more...
Published: 15. Jun 2021
Categories: Windows Games

Hotkeys for Windows
Hotkeys are keys or key combinations that can perform predefined actions. All you need is a tool which can execute actions for hotkeys. Read more...
Published: 21. May 2021
Categories: Windows Tools

RAW Socket Packet Sniffer
This packet sniffer demonstrates how to capture IP packets under Windows by using RAW sockets. The program doesn't require any additional software or driver and only uses the existing operating system functionality. Read more...
Published: 3. May 2021
Categories: Windows Tools Internet

Simple Multilingual Blog Profile for ProcessWire
This site profile for ProcessWire is identical to the Simple Blog Profile which I presented in an earlier post, but supports multiple languages for each post. Read more...
Published: 23. Apr 2021
Categories: ProcessWire CMS PHP

Login fail notifier for ProcessWire
This module for ProcessWire sends a notification email for each failed login attempt. Read more...
Published: 9. Apr 2021
Categories: ProcessWire CMS PHP