Simple Multilingual Blog Profile for ProcessWire

This site profile for ProcessWire is identical to the Simple Blog Profile which I presented in an earlier post, but supports multiple languages for each post. This site profile is also available on

This site profile is intended for use with a fresh installation of ProcessWire.

  1. Download ProcessWire, extract all files and folders and upload it into your web server folder.
  2. Download the site profile (link at the bottom of this post), extract the "site-simple-blog-multilanguage" folder and upload it into the same folder.
  3. Start the installation.
  4. When prompted for Site Installation Profile select "Simple Multilingual Blog Profile for ProcessWire 3x" and continue with installation.

The theme can easily customized to your requirement. The header background is located in /site/templates/images/headerbg.png. This graphic is tiled over the background. The logo is located in /site/templates/images/header.png. The main style is located in /site/templates/styles/main.css.


Change log:

  • Version 1.0: Initial version
Published: 23. Apr 2021
Categories: ProcessWire CMS PHP