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Slide Captcha
A captcha is a test that can be used to determine whether the user is a human to prevent bot and spam attacks. This specific captcha uses a puzzle that has to be solved by pulling the slider into the correct position. Read more...
Published: 8. Feb 2024
Categories: PHP HTML Javascript

Microsofts Smartscreen Warning for downloaded files
Starting an app downloaded from the internet may result in a warning. The origin of this warning is the Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. This article gives users an explanation of what this warning means and a tip for developers how to avoid it. Read more...
Published: 27. Jul 2023
Categories: Windows Uncategorized

GSM Modem Tester
Test GSM modem devices through AT Commands under Windows. Read more...
Published: 23. Jul 2023
Categories: Windows Tools

Battery Charging Monitor for Android
If a phone no longer charges to 100%, then the battery is not always to blame. In most cases you are using a defect cable or charger. Read more...
Published: 2. Jan 2023
Categories: Android Tools

File change monitor for Windows
This tool monitors and logs file accesses performed by applications on a Windows PC. Read more...
Published: 28. Sep 2022
Categories: Windows Tools