Time synchronization using the NTP protocol
This article is about how to synchronize the time using the NTP protocol. The NTP client application for download shows the entire process of time synchronization. Read more...
Published: 2. Feb 2022
Categories: Windows Tools Internet

Hidden Android Settings
This Windows application can, if connected with an Android device, list and change every device setting. Many of these settings are either not available in the device settings or difficult to access. Read more...
Published: 3. Jan 2022
Categories: Android Windows Tools

Activate USB debugging in Android developer options
This article describes step by step how to activate USB debugging on an Android device. Read more...
Published: 3. Jan 2022
Categories: Android

Visual Netstat
Visual NetStat is an alternative to command-line tool NetStat, which displays network connections and network protocol statistics. Read more...
Published: 2. Nov 2021
Categories: Windows Tools Internet

Session Viewer for ProcessWire
Session Viewer is a module for ProcessWire to list session files and display session data. The module is helpful to display the session data of a specific session or to kick out a logged in user. Read more...
Published: 15. Oct 2021
Categories: ProcessWire PHP CMS

Is your brand new Android device really 64-bit?
Is your brand new 64-bit Android device really 64-bit? With this little app you can check if the operating system and CPU are 64-bit. Read more...
Published: 27. Aug 2021
Categories: Android Tools

Debug mode switch for ProcessWire
This module for ProcessWire enables the debug mode to bypass the restriction to install modules. This is useful if you are tired to manually set the debug mode in the configuration file. Read more...
Published: 12. Jul 2021
Categories: ProcessWire PHP CMS

Website live chat for ProcessWire
This module for ProcessWire implements the website live chat service from Read more...
Published: 1. Jul 2021
Categories: Javascript PHP CMS ProcessWire

OpenGL Color Aimbot
This color aimbot works with every game which uses OpenGL. The big advantage is that windowed game mode is not necessary. You can play the game in full screen mode. Read more...
Published: 15. Jun 2021
Categories: Windows Games

Hotkeys for Windows
Hotkeys are keys or key combinations that can perform predefined actions. All you need is a tool which can execute actions for hotkeys. Read more...
Published: 21. May 2021
Categories: Windows Tools