Is your brand new Android device really 64-bit?

Nowadays Android devices are mostly equipped with a 64-bit CPU. 64-bit CPUs support not only 64-bit, but also 32-bit. This gives manufacturers the option to installing a 32-bit instead of a 64-bit operating system on a device with a 64-bit CPU. The difference is not noticeable, but it has a decisive influence on whether applications with 64-bit native libraries can be executed on the device. With this little app you can check if the operating system and CPU are 64-bit.

Example 1
Samsung Galaxy S6 runs with an Exynos 7420 CPU. According to Samsung, the CPU is a 64-bit CPU.

Exynos 7420The test with the app shows that the installed operating system is indeed a 64-bit operating system.

64-bit operating system

Example 2
Samsung Galaxy A01 has a Snapdragon 439 CPU on board. According to the manufacturer, this CPU is also a 64-bit CPU.

Snapdragon 439However, the test with the app shows that a 32-bit operating system is installed.

32-bit operating system

A device with 64-bit CPU can have a 32-bit or 64-bit os installed. But only a 64-bit operating system allows to execute applications with 64-bit native libraries. If you really need to execute applications with 64-bit native libraries then you should keep an eye on the specifications when you buy a new phone.


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Published: 27. Aug 2021
Categories: Android Tools