Website live chat for ProcessWire

This module for ProcessWire implements the website live chat service from Actually the module doesn't have to do much. It just need to inserted a few lines of JavaScript just before the closing body tag </body> on each side. However, the module offers additional options to display the widget only on certain pages.

Create an account
Visit and create an account. It's free! At some point you will reach a page where you can copy the required JavaScript-code.

Create an account

Open the module settings and paste the JavaScript-code into the field as shown below. Click "Submit" and that's all.


Open the module settings
The settings for this module are located in the menu Modules=>Configure=>LiveChatTawkTo.

Open the module settings


Change log:

  • Version 1.0.1: Initial version
  • Version 1.0.2: Some improvements
Published: 1. Jul 2021
Categories: Javascript PHP CMS ProcessWire