CMS ProcessWire
ProcessWire is a free content management system (CMS) and framework (CMF) built to save you time and work the way you do. So you can read it on their homepage. In this article, I want to give newbies a little insight into this CMS to save some of them from the mistake of using WordPress. Read more...
Published: 4. Nov 2019
Categories: ProcessWire CMS PHP

Visitor Tracker for Wordpress
Visitor Tracker is a simple plugin for Wordpress, which logs visitors and comes also with a feature to measure the actual time a visitor looks at the page. Read more...
Published: 16. Nov 2018
Categories: Wordpress CMS PHP

The MSGINA easter egg in Windows XP
Dialog 2210 in msgina.dll: The computer got very poorly and decided to end it's own suffering. Read more...
Published: 17. Oct 2018
Categories: Windows Uncategorized

Contact form for Wordpress
Contact form for Wordpress is a plugin for Wordpress to display and process a contact form at a desired location using a shortcode. Read more...
Published: 1. Oct 2018
Categories: Wordpress CMS PHP

Network tools to analyzing network environments
This network tools provides a set of useful tools to collect information about the local network environment. Read more...
Published: 4. Sep 2018
Categories: Internet Windows

Auto aiming color bot (Aimbot)
Haven't you ever secretly wished a tool that gives you an advantage when fighting with stronger opponents in a shooter game? Read more...
Published: 8. Aug 2018
Categories: Games Windows

Tools to perform string manipulations
This tool provides some opportunities to perform string manipulations, encoding and decoding. Read more...
Published: 20. Jul 2018
Categories: Tools Windows

Helpful Internet Tools for Experts
This program offers the opportunity to test the most common protocols, painless, without command line frickeling. Read more...
Published: 12. Jun 2018
Categories: Tools Internet Windows

Windows XP Internet Games on Windows 7
Play Windows XP Internet Games on Windows 7.
Published: 21. May 2018
Categories: Windows Games